Damp Repairs

Damp Repairs

All damp and water ingress jobs and repair work can be carried out at our workshop.

Photographs and videos can be taken of all work undertaken, keeping you fully involved in the complete process.

Damp repair prices will be in a quoted format once they have been inspected, before work stats.

Our engineers will inspect the caravan and provide a breakdown of what repairs will need to be carried out to fix the damp repair.

Signed authorisation will be required before any damp works are commenced.

Once the works are completed, we will send photos together with the invoice so that payment can be made.

Payments for all work can be made either over the phone using your debit/credit card or directly into our bank using the details on our invoices.


Hourly Labour Rate


*New Prices From 1st January 2021 including VAT, prices do not include parts.

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